Welcome to my homepage

I am currently Professor of Economics at Le Mans University.

I am research fellow at GAINS-TEPP (FR CNRS 2042), the Risk and Insurance Institute of Le Mans and the Dynare Team (Cepremap).

I am currently head of GAINS and co-head of the joint undergraduate program in Economics and Mathematics of Le Mans University.

My research topics are: applied macroeconomics and finance, computational economics and econometrics, time series econometrics, nonlinear time series, unobserved variables models (linear and nonlinear), models with Markov switching change in regimes, simulated inference and resolution methods for DSGE models.

Avenue Olivier Messiaen,
72085 Le Mans CEDEX 9
Email: frederic.karame@univ-lemans.fr
Phone number: +33 2 43 83 26 59